Must Read Before You Buy Vivaxa!

  • 29 June 2014
  • admin

Finally I've located what I have been searching for quite a long time. The time taken for ejaculation considerably improved. The increase in time wasn't unlike other lotions prolonging the time taken, at the cost of the enjoyment obtained from a sexual intercourse.

Another performance enhancers accessible the market are just numbing representatives. Numbing agents simply numb the male organ. So the man will not feel what is happening and hence the ejaculation is delayed. With the application of the Vivaxa lotion I got the complete feeling of the female body. I actually love the female body and actually feel that I'm inside it.

Common numbing agents, masquerading as performance enhancers that are male, also have another built-in disadvantage. The organ that was male comes into contact with the vagina and when the numbing agent is applied on the male organ, the organ that was female too is numbed by the so called male performance enhancer. Consequently the vagina too loses its sensitivity and the contact is not believed any more. Both the parties, female and male, lose all the joy of the love making. The only thing these numbing representatives do is prolonging the time of the action without giving any delight. Vivaxa on the other hand, retains the joy in addition to prolonging the love making of contact.

A tempered male organ gives higher degree of pleasure for both man and woman. Vivaxa also increases the stamina of the male. It's not necessary to say it pleases my female partner. She's now considerably more brought to me than before I began using Vivaxa. For both of us it's a blessing. We spend additional time together.

Vivaxa is also a kind of male enhancer. When I have an erection after the application my male organ looks much bigger than before which pleases my girl friend hugely. My stamina has additionally increased considerably with it. I don't feel tired even after another encounter in a row. Because Vivaxa is made from natural ingredients just I strongly urge one to check it out.