Terms and Conditions


This Agree­ment con­tains the com­plete terms and con­di­tions that apply to your par­tic­i­pa­tion in our site. If you wish to use the site includ­ing its tools and ser­vices please read these terms of use care­ful­ly. By access­ing this site or using any part of the site or any con­tent or ser­vices here­of, you agree to become bound by these terms and con­di­tions. If you do not agree to all the terms and con­di­tions, then you may not access the site or use the con­tent or any ser­vices in the site.


Amend­ments to this agree­ment can be made and effect­ed by us from time to time with­out spe­cif­ic notice to your end. Agree­ment post­ed on the Site reflects the lat­est agree­ment and you should care­ful­ly review the same before you use our site.


The Site allows you to post offers, sell, adver­tise, bid and shop online. How­ev­er, you are pro­hib­it­ed to do the fol­low­ing acts, to wit: (a) use our sites, includ­ing its ser­vices and or tools if you are not able to form legal­ly bind­ing con­tracts, are under the age of 18, or are tem­porar­i­ly or indef­i­nite­ly sus­pend­ed from using our sites, ser­vices, or tools (b) post­ing of an items in inap­pro­pri­ate cat­e­go­ry or areas on our sites and ser­vices; © col­lect­ing infor­ma­tion about users’ per­son­al infor­ma­tion; (d) maneu­ver­ing the price of any item or inter­fere with oth­er users’ list­ings; (f) post false, inac­cu­rate, mis­lead­ing, defam­a­to­ry, or libelous con­tent; (g) take any action that may dam­age the rat­ing system.

Registration Information

For you to com­plete the sign-up process in our site, you must pro­vide your full legal name, cur­rent address, a valid email address, mem­ber name and any oth­er infor­ma­tion need­ed in order to com­plete the signup process. You must qual­i­fy that you are 18 years or old­er and must be respon­si­ble for keep­ing your pass­word secure and be respon­si­ble for all activ­i­ties and con­tents that are uploaded under your account. You must not trans­mit any worms or virus­es or any code of a destruc­tive nature. Any infor­ma­tion pro­vid­ed by you or gath­ered by the site or third par­ties dur­ing any vis­it to the site shall be sub­ject to the terms of Herbals Only’s Pri­va­cy Pol­i­cy.
This Agree­ment will remain in full force and effect while you use the Web­site. You may ter­mi­nate your mem­ber­ship at any time for any rea­son by fol­low­ing the instruc­tions on the “TERMINATION OF ACCOUNT” in the set­ting page. We may ter­mi­nate your mem­ber­ship for any rea­son at any time. If you are using a paid ver­sion of the Ser­vice and we ter­mi­nate your mem­ber­ship in the Ser­vice because you have breached this Agree­ment, you will not be enti­tled to any refund of unused sub­scrip­tion fees. Even after your mem­ber­ship is ter­mi­nat­ed, cer­tain sec­tions of this Agree­ment will remain in effect.


Mem­bers on this social net­work­ing web­site are pro­hib­it­ed to use the ser­vices of the web­site in con­nec­tion with any com­mer­cial endeav­ors or ven­tures. This includes pro­vid­ing links to oth­er web­sites, whether deemed com­pet­i­tive to this web­site or not. Juridi­cal per­sons or enti­ties includ­ing but not lim­it­ed to orga­ni­za­tions, com­pa­nies, and/or busi­ness­es may not become Mem­bers of Herbals Only and should not use the site for any purpose.


Ille­gal and/or unau­tho­rized uses of the Ser­vices, includ­ing unau­tho­rized fram­ing of or link­ing to the Sites will be inves­ti­gat­ed, and appro­pri­ate legal action may be tak­en. Some links, how­ev­er, are wel­come to the site and you are allowed to estab­lish hyper­link to appro­pri­ate part with­in the site pro­vid­ed that: (i) you post your link only with­in the forum, chat or mes­sage board sec­tion; (ii) you do not remove or obscure any adver­tise­ments, copy­right notices or oth­er notices on the placed at the site; (iii) the link does not state or imply any spon­sor­ship or endorse­ment of your site and (iv) you imme­di­ate­ly stop pro­vid­ing any links to the site on writ­ten notice from us. How­ev­er, you must check the copy­right notice on the home­page to which you wish to link to make sure that one of our con­tent providers does not have its own poli­cies regard­ing direct links to their con­tent on our sites.


We make no express or implied war­ranties or rep­re­sen­ta­tions with respect to the Pro­gram or any prod­ucts sold through the Pro­gram (includ­ing, with­out lim­i­ta­tion, war­ranties of fit­ness, mer­chantabil­i­ty, non-infringe­ment, or any implied war­ranties aris­ing out of a course of per­for­mance, deal­ing, or trade usage). In addi­tion, we make no rep­re­sen­ta­tion that the oper­a­tion of our site will be unin­ter­rupt­ed or error-free, and we will not be liable for the con­se­quences of any inter­rup­tions or errors. We may change, restrict access to, sus­pend or dis­con­tin­ued the site or any part of it at any­time. The infor­ma­tion, con­tent and ser­vices on the site are pro­vid­ed on an “as is” basis. When you use the site and or par­tic­i­pate there­in, you under­stand and agree that you par­tic­i­pate at your own risk.


You here­by acknowl­edge that all rights, titles and inter­ests, includ­ing but not lim­it­ed to rights cov­ered by the Intel­lec­tu­al Prop­er­ty Rights, in and to the site, and that You will not acquire any right, title, or inter­est in or to the site except as express­ly set forth in this Agree­ment. You will not mod­i­fy, adapt, trans­late, pre­pare deriv­a­tive works from, decom­pile, reverse engi­neer, dis­as­sem­ble or oth­er­wise attempt to derive source code from any of our ser­vices, soft­ware, or doc­u­men­ta­tion, or cre­ate or attempt to cre­ate a sub­sti­tute or sim­i­lar ser­vice or prod­uct through use of or access to the Pro­gram or pro­pri­etary infor­ma­tion relat­ed thereto.


You agree not to dis­close infor­ma­tion you obtain from us and or from our clients, adver­tis­ers, sup­pli­ers and forum mem­bers. All infor­ma­tion sub­mit­ted to by an end-user cus­tomer pur­suant to a Pro­gram is pro­pri­etary infor­ma­tion of Herbals Only. Such cus­tomer infor­ma­tion is con­fi­den­tial and may not be dis­closed. Pub­lish­er agrees not to repro­duce, dis­sem­i­nate, sell, dis­trib­ute or com­mer­cial­ly exploit any such pro­pri­etary infor­ma­tion in any manner.


Your rights of what­ev­er nature can­not be assigned nor trans­ferred to any­body, and any such attempt may result in ter­mi­na­tion of this Agree­ment, with­out lia­bil­i­ty to us. How­ev­er, we may assign this Agree­ment to any per­son at any time with­out notice.


Fail­ure of the Herbals Only to insist upon strict per­for­mance of any of the terms, con­di­tions and covenants here­of shall not be deemed a relin­quish­ment or waiv­er of any rights or rem­e­dy that the we may have, nor shall it be con­strued as a waiv­er of any sub­se­quent breach of the terms, con­di­tions or covenants here­of, which terms, con­di­tions and covenants shall con­tin­ue to be in full force and effect.

Severability of Terms.

In the event that any pro­vi­sion of these Terms and Con­di­tions is found invalid or unen­force­able pur­suant to any judi­cial decree or deci­sion, such pro­vi­sion shall be deemed to apply only to the max­i­mum extent per­mit­ted by law, and the remain­der of these Terms and Con­di­tions shall remain valid and enforce­able accord­ing to its terms.